Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Toke Makinwa Replies Twitter user who thinks she shouldn’t give marriage advice

Media Personality and Author Toke Makinwa has fired back after a twitter user replied to her tweet, telling her to stop giving marriage advice, indirectly referencing her failed marriage to Maje Ayida. People should just stop the shame please. That her marriage failed doesn't mean she is not qualified to give marriage advice. She has experienced it. Because Beyonce stayed with Jayz after he cheated on her doesn't mean
every woman can do that. In Toke's case, her husband cheated and impregnated his mistress. What should she have done? Stayed with a co-wife or moved on like she did?
See her replies below...

Toke Makinwa noted that men are hailed and absolved of all wrong even while on their 4th/5th marriages with babies left, right and center. See her tweets below…

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