ThinTallTony's wife replies follower who tried to dull her shine on her birthday - "Wish me well or shift let others do so..."

After the former big brother Naija housemate wished his wife a happy birthday, with a heartfelt message, the birthday messages started pouring in on his timeline but then some kill joy's didn't like it and decided to remind her of her husband's ways while in the show. Mentioning the Bisola/ThinTallTony matter on her birthday post... who does that? The no nonsense Lara quickly replied and reading her reply, you'll know she's not a pushover, she is one confident wife who won't let any bully inject her with depression. Read the comment and her reply below...

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  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2017

    Fan who commented should not be labelled a bully cos she's not. The lady stated a fact. If Thin tall Tony's wife cannot confront her husband, let others do it for her.


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