Jamaican Sauce With White Rice By Patsy

Thought I should share this. I made Jamaican sauce with white rice yesterday 25th Dec. Although some ingredients weren't present, but hubby insisted he would eat nothing else, and I had to make do with what I have in store and it came out yummy.

1 small sized Cabbage
4 medium sized Carrots
1 Green pepper chopped 3 dry bay leaves
1 can Green peas 1 can Red Kidney beans 
Tatashe..(didn't have this one)
3 cupfuls blended Tomatoes
a handful chopped Shombo pepper (Red chillies)
1 large red Onion
1/2 cup chopped Fresh pepper ata rodo (Scotch bonnet)
1/2 kg Beef or suya 2 cups vegetable oil (500ml)
3 seasoning cubes, you can use less to your taste Salt to taste

Season your beef and 1. boil till it's soft enough.
2. Then Fry until it's very dry.(pix1 &2)
Remove the beef from the oil and set aside.
3. Fry onion with a pinch of salt(hubby doesn't like salt oh, so it's always a pinch I cook with)(pix3)
4. Add your blended tomatoes and shombo pepper and allow to fry.(p…

The villagers who publicly humiliated these two adults for pleasuring each other should be used as scapegoats to warn others and forestall a repeat of this backwardness

old woman

If this old woman's children and The Nigeria police do not pick some faces in these pictures and use as scapegoats, then we are finished in this our dear country. This is like taking us back to the 18th century. Two unmarried ADULTS have sex and it becomes a whole community's concern to publicly ridicule and humiliate them. Aren't they suppose to enjoy their Fundamental Human rights as citizens of this country? In what way did pleasuring themselves harm any member of that community?  Even if they were married, they only owe explanations to their spouses and not the whole community abeg. These are the kinds of things that push people to commit suicide. With the rate of it already going up in our country, no human deserves to be treated this way. Someone should please take it up and help these two out because the stigma that will follow eh, the villagers may sanction, stop communicating with them or even get them exiled meanwhile those throwing these stones do not have pure hands; not even one of them there.

This incident happened in Ebonyi State. The old woman and her young lover were caught pleasuring themselves and the villagers swarm on them like bees and paraded them for everyone to watch and get entertained.

According to Facebook user Egonnia Oko who shared  the photos and story to Ebonyi Chat Room Facebook group, the old woman pictured was caught having sex with her young lover in Amauzu Mkpoghoro, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State. 
Someone must be held responsible for this barbaric act! Do you agree?
 See more photos below...


  1. Backwardness in Naija. You guys continue in your backwardness! Good thing I left that den, SMH.

  2. I read this thing and it hurt me. I wish there was something I could do. Like somewhere I could donate to make sure that this woman gets justice.

  3. How does that consign this people


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