Monday, July 10, 2017

See How This bride drove her groom in a bus where they first met to their wedding venue (stunning Photos)

A petite Chinese bride Wu Zheng and her groom  met for the first time while boarded in a bus, in which she is the driver. A relationship ensues and fast forward to their wedding day, she decides to get behind the wheels of that same bus where they both met and drive her soon-to-be husband to their wedding venue.  See more photos of them aboard the bus...
The bus Wu operated on her wedding day is the same she drives on daily basis. But the vehicle is more than Wu’s “office.” “It’s more like a relative to me,” she said, “I wanted it to witness my big day.”
Her move is also a way to steer attention for environmental protection by driving away from the ostentatious wedding convoys, Wu added.

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