Friday, July 07, 2017

Nigerian woman who endured 28 years of cruel domestic violence in the hands of her husband has departed this life

Nigerian Bar Association

Following the death of Ranti Daudu, the wife of a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Joseph Daudu, who passed away in Kaduna last night, former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Chidi Odinkalu‏, has come out to state that Ranti endured 28 years of vicious domestic violence.
Activist Aisha Yesufu‏ also revealed that late Ranti disclosed to her in their last
conversation that even her children with Joseph Daudu had asked her to leave else they won’t have respect for her.
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  1. What is the value of sharing this part of her life after she's dead?
    i. For others to know you can endure violence and stay longer in your marriage?
    ii. For her husband to know that his story is not hidden, and maybe start another round of legal tussle - at least we know he's a barrister.
    iii. For others to learn that you should not endure domestic violence - if you do, you will die.
    iv. ETC
    As long as women decide not to speak up against domestic violence, especially those living in one, the menace will continue. Some do it because they do not want to contribute to the downfall of their husband career - whether he's a Pastor, Businessman, or Professional. By so doing, we will continue to have men (and in few cases women) without character in position of leadership.


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