Friday, July 21, 2017

Nigerian Cross Dresser Bobrisky cuts off 22 Thousand Naira ($70) Braids he made in the US after just four days courtesy of 'torture' from The hair stylist

70$ braids

It's actually about 27 Thousand Naira ($87)This reminds of when Tonto Dikeh publicly burnt her bag worth hundreds of Thousands of Naira after seller embarrassed her on Social media... Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky has cut off the 70$ braids a Houston, Texas based hairstylist, Lex called him out for not paying 3 days ago. The two have been telling their sides of the story and also bashing each other since then.
Bobrisky even threatened to sue her for taking photos of him without his consent. But according to their new Snaps, the Police Bobrisky called to arrest the girl forced him to
pay for the hair and services he was rendered, saying they can’t do anything for him.

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