Jamaican Sauce With White Rice By Patsy

Thought I should share this. I made Jamaican sauce with white rice yesterday 25th Dec. Although some ingredients weren't present, but hubby insisted he would eat nothing else, and I had to make do with what I have in store and it came out yummy.

1 small sized Cabbage
4 medium sized Carrots
1 Green pepper chopped 3 dry bay leaves
1 can Green peas 1 can Red Kidney beans 
Tatashe..(didn't have this one)
3 cupfuls blended Tomatoes
a handful chopped Shombo pepper (Red chillies)
1 large red Onion
1/2 cup chopped Fresh pepper ata rodo (Scotch bonnet)
1/2 kg Beef or suya 2 cups vegetable oil (500ml)
3 seasoning cubes, you can use less to your taste Salt to taste

Season your beef and 1. boil till it's soft enough.
2. Then Fry until it's very dry.(pix1 &2)
Remove the beef from the oil and set aside.
3. Fry onion with a pinch of salt(hubby doesn't like salt oh, so it's always a pinch I cook with)(pix3)
4. Add your blended tomatoes and shombo pepper and allow to fry.(p…

My daughter saw her first period today and she’s been crying all day – Nigerian doctor (Read how to teach sex education to your child with ease)


Nigerian Doctor, Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka, whose first daughter saw her ‘menstrual period’ for the first time yesterday and cried all day, shared her photo on Social media and talked about how family has been trying to console the "shocked" girl-turned-woman all day,  
He went further to disclose that his daughter will be 12 years next month (8th August), and wants to be a professor of mathematics when she grows up.
See his post and how to teach sex education to your child with ease, below...

At twelve, she should have been educated long ago about body and all the changes that will happen. Most 12-year-olds are already in Secondary School and does that mean her parents didn't have" that talk" by the end of Primary school? Is it now at twelve with tears in her eyes that she"s going to be taught how to wear her sanitary pad correctly,  proper disposal of used pads and hygiene? Dear parent, you delayed a little oh. Subsequently, teach your girls these things by the end of primary school at most. What if she was in a boarding school and this happened? She'll be so embarrassed and confused about her body.
Her teachers too failed a little because I'm very much aware that Primary six teachers teach these things to girls before the end of the session, with practical demonstrations, sometimes with a doll, underpants, and sanitary pad.
These days, the rush is so much that teachers can't even cover their syllabus for the school session, in this case, and even if they did teach sef, as parents, it's our duty to pass this knowledge to our girl children. Sit down with your daughter, educate her about her body changes; what to expect and how to manage herself. Some parents find 'that discussion' very awkward, no problem, there are books you can get them to read. There are some old posts on this blog that try to educate parents on what to say and how to have that discussion. Basically how to teach sex education to your child. Click below to read them...
You can buy the book on Amazon, follow this link: Preparing your daughter for every woman's battle


  1. immaculateJuly 12, 2017

    Stupid parents. She was crying because they did not teach her what it is on time and the father has the got to post it on social media .God have mercy on us. No more privacy!!!. Eya good morning


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