In a desperate bid to get pregnant, Indian women allow "god men" to walk over them

Women allow "God-men" india 1

See what desperation can cause? Ok, what if the infertility problem is from the husband? Will this practice still solve it?
Dozens of Indian women desperate to get pregnant have been pictured taking part in a bizarre practice where ‘god-men’ trample over them so they can have kids.
Tribal women in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, have performed this ritual for generations during the annual festival of Ekadashi, in the month of July.
Women, who are unable to have children visit the Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple, in Anantapur district.
When they arrive, they take
part in the the bizarre practice in a desperate bid to have a child of their own.
They lie down in a line on the ground and wait for a god-man to walk over their backs, as hundreds of locals look on.
Many claim the practice has worked and say it has fulfilled the wishes of countless women to become mothers.
Women allow "God-men"
Women allow "God-men" india 1

Women allow "God-men" india
Women allow "God-men" 2
Women allow "God-men" 3

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