Sunday, July 09, 2017

Ali Baba... "If that is really Bobrisky before he actually became Bobrisky, I understand why some people bleach then"

Veteran comedian AliBaba has given his opinion on Cross Dresser Bobrisky's Skin bleaching. He wrote...

If that is really Bobrisky before he actually became Bobrisky... then I can understand why people bleach. I just read some comments, this is not about him transferring or is it transgendering to

another portal, I am talking complexion. This just means some yellow girls now would have been "just there" if they were black. That means any black woman that is fine NOW without bleaching GO FINE DIE IF SHE BLEACH JOIN AM.

"Some black skins never bleach, they automatically reject and remain black no matter what' then, some women looked more pretty in their black skin than when they bleached but for Bobrisky, according to him...he was ugly and broke before he started bleaching. Might not give the same result for everyone anyway.

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