Monday, July 03, 2017

A Blogger's Concern About Biafra! What and what has been put in place for Biafrans to go back to in the east?

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Quite Interesting, how Ibos differ on the Idea of Independence for the Igbo Nation. A lot of Igbos are coming out on Social Media to say that not all Igbos are in support of the IPOB thing. Many are asking what the 'Igbo' Governors in Nigeria have done differently from other Nigerian Governors to show that if they finally get Biafra, the masses will live a better life than they got as Nigerians? She concludes that their present and past Igbo Governors are as corrupt as their Nigerian counterpart and have nothing different to offer the Igbo masses.

 An Igbo lady who lives and works in Lagos comments, exclaiming loudly that she cannot imagine needing a Visa to visit Lagos in the future if this Biafra dream is realized and called on Igbos who are not in support to speak out because if eventually Biafra becomes a reality, every Igbo automatically becomes a foreigner that will need visas to visit other cities in Nigeria. 

Beauty Blogger Chi Ezenwa-Ezeh posted her valid concerns on Facebook, read below and be inspired...

What makes you think that Biafra will work? 
What and what has been put in place for Biafrans to go back to in the east?

How do you know that you are not jumping from frying pan into fire?

Yes I have very little faith in Biafra because Igbos do not even love themselves ... how on earth will they be able to manage their own country?

Nne, there are poor masses in every country. Starting Biafra will not ensure that every Biafran citizen will be rich.

See, before calling for all Igbos to go and form Biafra, certain measures should be put in place first. Nnamdi Kanu and his cohorts in support of the Biafra should put things in place first so that the Igbos will not get to their promised land to suffer for the first 5 years.

Also, Nnamdi should relocate his family back to Nigeria first before agitating for Biafra as well so that when war eventually breaks out, we will all fight it together. You can't ship your family off to Safety and hold your British passport in your hands waiting for the drumbeat of war to get louder so that you will jump on a plane and run to the UK while countless Igbos die for the 'cause' you started. He should bring his family back home and tear his passport into pieces on live television so that we would know that we are indeed fighting the 'cause' together.

Also all those that are in support of Biafra and are sitting in their houses abroad typing out their support with their phones should come back home and fight for Biafra as well.

War is a terrible thing. If you were not there during the last war, ask questions about it or read about it.

Biafra will not work". She writes on her wall.

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