Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tinsel actress Iretiola and Hubbie Patrick Doyle no longer living together

Iretiola Doyle

Tinsel star, Iretiola Doyle and Patrick Doyle's marriage has allegedly hit the rocks, as the couple are reportedly no longer living together.
It was gathered that Iretiola who has four children with her husband, moved into
her own apartment at Anthony Village in Lagos, away from Patrick and their children.
This is coming after the actress set records straight, when asked why she no longer steps out for events with the actor. “We are both busy people and you find that, in any one given weekend, we’ve both been invited to three or four different events where all three or four people are expecting to see us so we play it smart, we share it; if you’ve seen one you’ve seen the other,” she said.
According to Playgroundng sources,  it is unclear why their marriage hit the rocks but the duo peacefully separated and remain friends.
Iretiola and Patrick Doyle got married shortly after the actor lost his first wife to sickle cell anaemia in 1999. A decade later, he lost his son Raymond with first wife to same illness.

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