RMD shares his 10 best and worst moments in Life

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Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly referred to as RMD, has never hidden the fact that becoming a grandparent makes him really happy. The Legend has magnanimously led his numerous fans into the part of hid life that many do not know. With short posts, he revealed some things about himself, these revelations actually take his readers into a knowing much more about 'The Amazing World of RMD' as an only Child thoroughly loved by mum, life as a young man in the city and so much more. He recollected with nostalgia, the ten best moments of his inspiring life, including how the loss of his mother remains the most painful moment in his life till date and how the thrills of being a grandparent has trumped the special feeling of becoming a father.
Anyways, older fans who knew him and his first wife together are saying that they expected the Veteran to also make mention of the loss of his first wife. No one actually knows why he generously revealed to fans who he is without mentioning Mee.
The actor, who shared these life moments on his website, however, said his best decision in life was giving his life to Jesus Christ.
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He has done really well!