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Monday, April 10, 2017

Nigerians come for Funmi Iyanda after she says "TBoss was hated because she's Oyinbo..."

Last night was fiery on Social media and TV. An intense drama happened on media personality Funmi Iyanda's Twitter page after she said Tboss was the lightest, most apparently refined, more foreign and confident Big Brother Naija housemate. And that she was hated by Nigerians because deep down, she is what most of them can never be - an Oyinbo.

Read Funmi's exact words below:
Tboss, the lightest, most apparently refined, more foreign and confident female unconsciously stroke many's deepest insecurities. 
Never seen the show till this painfully dragged out final but it's all there and typical. Most hate what they desire and wish to be. 
Deep down most of our people wish to be oyinbo, think oyinbo is superior and have a deep love hate for any suggestion of oyinbo.
Nigerians who felt insulted by Funmi's statement came for her. 
Read their Tweets below:below:

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