#BBNaija: The Rough Play With Tony Would Have Reduced If I Knew He Was Married - Bisola

Bisola and Marvis, 1st and 4th Runner up of the just concluded Big Brother Naija 2017 show, sat down wih LindaIkejiTV in a very revealing Interview. While Bisola was made to watch the "Under the sheets" video that happened in the house with TTT again and talk about it, Marvis, on the other hand revealed that there was a situation between her and Efe while in the house.
 Enjoy the discussion Below:

Did Bisola at any point know that Thin Tall Tony was married? She replied;
"I had no clue, no idea that he was married. He came in saying all sorts, so I had no clue whatsoever that he was married."
How did she feel when she discovered at the finale, after seeing his wedding band?

"I was like, What... Bobo don marry oh. I felt like he put up a really good act, everybody practically believed him, maybe except those who probably knew that he was married. I didn't want to take things further with Tony, We were all put in a house together, we were supposed to live. I connected with Tony, he is smart, creative, intelligent and was the oldest person in the house obviously. I connected with him, but it was for the house. Not outside. I kept telling my housemates that I know Tony and I would be good friends outside of here."
What happened under the sheets (in reference to the popular video of Bisola and Tony allegedly having oral sex under their bed covers)?
"Nothing happened under the sheets. If something happened, you wouldn't be asking me this question. (The video is then played for Bisola to see) She reiterated; Nothing happened under the sheets."

Did she feel betrayed when she found out Tony was married?
"Yeah, there was a bit of betrayal, because with Tony, I felt he was my homeboy. He was my friend. We talked about so many things we wanted to achieve outside the house. I went into the house and talked about my daughter a lot because I felt it was a thing of joy and pride, but I didn't know his game plan. He has every right to whatever strategy he wanted to come up with. But I felt like i=even if it wasn't something he wanted the other housemates to know, we did talk about things, just both of us. Like you've could have told me dude. C'mon, it's a family, it's a beautiful thing. It's not something you should hide. If he had told me in the house, a lot of rough play, Jumping on him and teasing, definitely would have reduced. I would have told him, Baba you are a married man, I don't want problem and stuff like that but I had no idea. I had no idea he was after (even when they wished his niece, actually his daughter, a Happy Birthday," Bisola said.

Social Media questions
When a fan asked Bisola if she hates pretty girls, especially since it looked like she was intimidated by a certain beautiful housemate, she replied;
"I have a pretty, beautiful daughter and I love her. There was nobody in that house that made me feel intimidated. On the other hand, I was always getting comments that I'm intimidating people."
On whether she was so loose, that she fell for married man, Thin Tall Tony's strategy,
"Loose in the terms of  having sex? I did not have sex in that house. The only person I was close to was Thin Tall Tony. I'm not the only housemate that kissed in the house. I think all the housemates did that. So would you call all the housemates; loose? I do not believe so. About married men, I did not know Tony was married. I respect the institution of marriage. There was nothing that would have made me know that Tony was married."
Marvis on the other hand claims to be a relationship. "Yes, I am. and it's on the low," she said.

When asked about Efe and why she refused to continue her relationship with him outside the house
"Efe was the first person I clicked with in the house. We had instant connection and I had a soft spot for him because it was easy for us to understand ourselves. Being with Efe comes Natural. There was actually no relationship. It was a situationship. We were friends that had things in common. We still are but you guys don't see us anymore."
Has she spoken to her boyfriend since she got back to the country

"Yes I have and he said; Marvis, you are a star, amongst other things," Marvis replied.

Did she grow feelings for Efe as they spent time together in the house for months. Marvis replied; "Yeah, more than I would for... watch the video below...


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  3. Chi Chi Ochulor Dear bisola, ,no need for too much talk, u r still loved regardless..
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    Olayode Oluseun
    Olayode Oluseun You are a shame of womanhood already, you mean just because of a show you let all your body out like that... What a shame of best women out there.
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    Ujubekee Okereke

    Ujubekee Okereke Who is this saint condemning bisola?can you hear your self???don't allow me to expose your dirty games here..kindly go and hide before I bring out your secrets.
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    Olayode Oluseun

    Olayode Oluseun Ujubekee Okereke u need to know you are in public foyer before u open your mouth wide to comment such dirty talk u know, just as u said go ahead and wait for mine as well okay.
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    Owolabi Adebukola

    Owolabi Adebukola He who is without sin, cast a stone!
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    Olayode Oluseun

    Olayode Oluseun Are you guys now celebrating immorality? Whereas some of you are called pastor Mr and Mrs around the country...


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