Friday, March 03, 2017

Woman loses one third of body weight after reading boyfriend's secret text message calling her 'massive' & an embarrassment to his friends

Amy Jones

A woman lost nearly a third of her body weight after reading a text from her boyfriend to his pal describing her as "massive" and "an embarrassment."
Amy Jones always thought her body building boyfriend was understanding of her weight as it spiralled to more than 15 stone, telling her he liked a fuller figure.
But his true opinion was revealed when Amy caught sight of a message to his friend which exposed how he really felt.
The bombshell came just after Amy had been photographed at her dad Martin's wedding, pictured next to a tractor, which left her in tears.
The image, along with her boyfriend's secret message, sparked Amy into

action and she lost four stone in just a handful of months.
Amy managed to go down to 10st 11lbs and she lost 38cm of flab from her body.
The 21 year old said: "It had always been a pretty volatile relationship and we did argue a lot. But my boyfriend was always very supportive when it came to my weight.
"He always said that I looked fantastic and he liked me with a fuller figure when I asked him if I should lose weight.
"I was reassured by his comments even though I knew that I was getting out of shape.
"The reason why I had got so much fatter was because I had moved in with him.
"He was a body builder who was down the gym all the time. "I would basically eat the same meals as him and then not go down the gym."
Amy added: “I cried when I saw the picture next to the tractor. I was so badly out of shape, almost as big as the tractor!
“I had always been curvy but what was worrying was how much weight I was showing on my legs.
“I thought, ‘This is not me – this is not who I want to be.'" Before shedding the pounds, Amy, from Winsford, Cheshire, split from the boyfriend whose cruel comment had prompted her new fitness drive.
She added: "The text message was the final straw but things had been rocky before then. We split up but actually stayed friends afterwards.
"I don't harbour any grudge about the text message. He was only telling the truth. I just wish that he had been a bit more honest with me beforehand because I might not have got into such bad shape."
Before her weight loss, Amy's diet included Walkers cheese & onion crisps, Galaxy bars, pasta, bread, vodka and Red Bull drinks.
Now, she instead wolfs down butternut squash soup, grilled chicken with boiled vegetables and rice, dried coconut snacks and cans of Diet Coke.
Amy is now just under 10 stone and has vowed to keep going until she becomes a size 8.
* As adults, we do not like to see others looking sad so we most times say what people want to hear and not the truth. In this case, her boyfriend should have diplomatically told her the truth about her weight and his feelings rather than lie to her and say the truth to his pal. That hurts*.
It's possible to become a size 8 if she puts her mind to it!

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