Friday, March 10, 2017

Woman had vulva surgery to remodel her vagina due to taunts she kept receiving from men

Woman had vagina remodelled after 'Big Mac' taunts

She described her own vagina in not very nice terms. The labia is so large and kpomo-like such that it sometimes kind of drops out of her underpants and just hangs there dangling like very soft kpomo. Antonia said her large labia made sex difficult and painful, and made her victim of taunts by her sexual partners. She spoke out about her labiaplasty on a BBC Three documentary called My Unusual Vagina, highlighting the the rise in young women opting to have ‘designer vagina’ surgery. ‘My labia drops down four cm from the outside, four cm of skin hanging from my outer lips,’ Antonia said.
‘They’re like elastic bands, so if I were to pull them, I could pull them to my thigh.’ ‘If we turn it

around it’s a Big Mac. All the filling hanging out the side, and the lettuce hanging out. It’s got a lot going on,’ she said.

 Mind you if you were hungry you would want to eat that one wouldn’t you,’ she joked.
Antonia, who didn’t give her last name, drew a diagram for the programme along with one of what she wanted to look like.

 Woman with vagina ‘like Big Mac’ undergoes life-altering surgery – it doesn’t go to plan
Antonia said the reason she wanted the surgery was not just down to physical appearance.
She said she was embarrassed when her left labia came loose from her bikini on holiday once and she ‘felt it sizzling’ as it was sunburned.

 Sex has also become problematic because it hurts physically and also causes embarrassment.
After the operation she was less than impressed initially because only one of the labia healed properly while the other was left swollen and deformed.
She now describes her vagina as a ‘meat really nice and tucked inside’.
The BBC programme highlighted that vaginas come in many different shapes and sizes and for most people, surgery is not something they need to consider.
We recently highlighted work by artist Jacqueline Secor designed to show young women that vaginas don’t just look like the ones in porn, where they’re nearly always as smooth and hair-free as a Barbie doll.

Now she is happier. The many miracles of surgery!

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