Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Weightloss: Woman who lost almost 83kg is left unable to hug her 4 kids because she can’t stand them touching her excess skin

Julie, who once tipped the scales at 23st 9lb, was left with piles of excess skin after shedding 13st

Self-confessed “emotional eater” Julie, from Menifee, California, once tipped the scales at 23st 9lb.
The mum-of-four had always been large, but her weight spiralled out of control as she struggled to shed her baby weight.
Julie has now shed 12st 10lb with the help of weight loss surgery, but admits she is still unhappy with the way her body
Speaking on TLC show My Extreme Excess Skin, Julie said she even tells her youngest child, son Jake, not to touch her – because she still feels so uncomfortable with her body.
The mum-of-four avoids sex with her husband Mike and asks her kids not to touch her – because she hates the way her body looks
While Julie also avoids sex with husband Mike, despite him saying: “Julie is the most beautiful person I know inside and out, and I just want to be affectionate with her.”
Julie explains: “Because of the skin, I feel like I can’t be the wife that I want to be.
“My husband knows that I come up with reasons to avoid intimacy until he goes to sleep.
“I don’t have that drive or that motivation to be intimate with my husband because I don’t want him to see me naked. And that takes a toll on our relationship.
“I also feel like I can’t be the best mum that I want to be for my kids. I don’t like it when my kids touch my skin.
“My son for example, Jake, loves to rub and touch my arms and I have to shove him off and tell him ‘no Jake don’t touch mummy’.
“You don’t ever want to tell your kids ‘don’t touch me’. It just feels me with guilt.
“The skin makes me feel distant from my whole family. It’s a constant reminder that I was the fat girl, fat friend, fat wife, fat mum.
“And as  long as I have the skin, that will never change because I can’t even hide it.
“I just hate my body and no matter how hard I try there is no covering up this skin.
“As long as it’s there, you can see it. And I gave up trying to hide it because I can’t.
“It’s miserable and I’ll never live the fulfilling life that I feel like I deserve. I need skin removal surgery, or I’m never going to feel comfortable in my skin.”
Julie’s is a common problem shared by many people who lose weight quickly.

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