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Burn in hell! Scarred wife confronts husband in court after he murdered their four children and slashed her face

Green has been convicted after killing his two young girls, two of his stepchildren, and critically injuring his wife (all five victims pictured) at their home in Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Slain children

This is by far the worst divorce story I ever heard or read! Chai! God forbid bad thing! 
An ex-convict who asphyxiated his two children with carbon monoxide and fatally shot his

two stepchildren in their Michigan home was sentenced to at least 47 years in prison on Wednesday for an attack that also nearly killed his wife. 
'You are a con artist, you are a monster,' Faith Green said to her husband Gregory Green in court, with a scar visible from her ear to chin.
'Your justice will come when you burn in hell for eternity,' she added.  

Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway said she would reluctantly accept a plea deal negotiated by prosecutors and Gregory Green's lawyer.  
Faith Green wanted a no-parole sentence, but the judge noted that her husband would have to live to age 97 before he gets his first opportunity at release for second-degree murder.
'I'm convinced you'll be incarcerated for the remainder of your life,' Hathaway told fifty-year-old Green.

 Police said the father called 911 last September to report the deaths of his children, Kaleigh Green, four, Koi Green, five, and stepchildren, Kara Allen, 17, and Chadney J Allen, 19, at his Dearborn Heights home. 

His two step-children were found dead and bound in the basement after being shot execution style, and his daughters were found dead in their beds after they were asphyxiated by carbon monoxide fumes in a car. 
Green had a hose hooked to the exhaust that was routed into the vehicle to kill his two girls.

Faith Green, pictured at Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit on Wednesday, addressed the jury with a scar visible from her ear to her chin
He also tortured his wife by binding her, slashing her face with a box cutter and shooting her in the foot before fatally shooting her teenage children in front of her, police said. The man had been waiting on the front porch when police arrived. 
The mother of the four children said she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and pain in her foot where she was shot, ClickonDetroit reported. 
The woman also said she suffers from short-term memory loss, a condition that doctors believe is trying to protect her from the memory of watching her children being shot to death. 
Faith Green said the ordeal is affecting her parents' health, saying her father suffered a stroke two weeks ago, and her mother has trouble getting out of bed, the news site reported. 

 More than 1,000 people filled a Detroit church in September to say goodbye to the four children

The mother of four pictured with her children and her father 
The mother of four pictured with her children and her father
Green showed no emotion on Wednesday and  told the court that only God can judge him.
'I have to be humble, very humble, because God knows a heart and he knows how regretful and sorry I am, and even now, after all this, he still has a plan,' he told the court. 
'And I'm not giving up on that plan because God is God and there's not one day that goes by that I don't think of my girls, not one day. 
'Often picture them playing and talking to the heavenly father. I pray that God be with them. I feel bad for how this has deeply impacted everyone and may God help them, help me, and help us all. That's all I have to say.' 
But at the same time, he offered an excuse, saying all he wanted was a 'God-fearing helpmate' who would support him.
The judge told Green that the case was 'by far the worst' the courtroom had ever seen.   
Faith Green had filed for divorce one month before the killings. The Greens married in 2010, two years after Gregory Green left prison on his fifth request for parole after serving 15 years.
He had pleaded no contest to killing his first wife, who was pregnant, in 1991. 
Records show after he stabbed his former wife, Green also called the police and waited for them to arrive. 

Faith Green, pictured at Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit on Wednesday,  has a scar in her face from when her husband slashed her at the time of killings. The mother of the four children said she now suffers from PTSD
Her scarred face.

Green's 17-year-old stepdaughter Kara Allen was shot to deathHis 19-year-old stepson Chadney J Allen was found dead in the basement
17 and 19 year old teenagers she brought into the marriage. Husband shot these 2 execution style before asphyxiating his own biological kids with carbon monoxide. This life na wa!..

*Slumps after reading!*

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