Friday, February 10, 2017

New photos of Zahra Buhari and her Billionaire Husband Ahmed Indimi

Zahra can't keep her hands off new husband. True love doesn't hide however you try. It shows that this couple is truly in love. And, Yes, I know! The marriage is still young, I know time will tell but come o, haven't we seen young and fresh couples fighting even right before exchanging vows? Some fight the whole morning on phone, when it's time to walk down the Isle, they cover tears with make-up and aftershave, Keep up appearances and continue  the fight right after waving the last guest goodbye.

 I remember Tiwa Savage's video where she talked about how they had serious arguments on their wedding day gong. 

See the video here!

Zahra and Ahmed seem to me like a couple that's drunk in love and will spend a zillion happy years together. This look I see here is not for the cameras. She can't seem to keep her hands off him and I can see that he is not that typical 'hardened unromantic, emotion hoarding Naija man.'  Ahmed is not the "wife in the kitchen'' kind of husband, I see the 'wife in the sitting room, front-seat and other rooms' attitude there.They flow together and these are habits that will continue years after. 
Continue to see more photos.

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