Monday, February 27, 2017

Husband shoots his school teacher wife and her new lesbian lover

The murdered couple  both worked at Lake Gibson Middle School in Polk County

A husband with a history of violence shot his estranged wife and her girlfriend dead where the lovers lived in Brandon, Florida before turning the gun on himself. 
Vincente Fuillerat, 53, killed his soon-to be-ex wife Lisa Fuillerat and Samara Routenberg in a horrific shootout Friday morning.
Detectives say a love triangle was Vincente Fuillerat's motive for killing his wife and her girlfriend. Lisa Fuillerat filed for divorce in 2015.

Routenberg, 39, and her partner, Lisa Fuillerat, 51, armed themselves with guns and started shooting at Fuillerat after he smashed through the sliding class door. 
Vincente Fuillerat entered Routenberg's home at 6.30am armed with a shotgun and wore a bulletproof vest, according to the Tampa Bay Times. 
Because he was wearing the vest, Vincente Fuillerat survived the shootout despite being hit twice, but ended his life in the home later.

 He died with a note pinned to his vest but investigators have
not disclosed what it said. The Fuillerats are survived by their two adult children according to ABC Action News.

The women both worked at Lake Gibson Middle School in Polk County. Lisa Fuillerat was a sixth grade math teacher and Routenberg was an assistant principal. 
Lisa Fuillerat accused her husband of stalking her and Routenberg petitioned Hillsborough County Court for protection from repeat violence.
Vincente Fuillerat was charged with burglary and aggravated battery in 2015 and has been on probation for 36 months according to Bay News 9. 
Neighbors suspect Lisa Fuillerat and her partner were trying to hide from her husband.

The Fuillerats were scheduled to appear in court Friday afternoon to continue divorce proceedings. 
'This was a pre-planned event,' Sheriff's Office Col. Donna Luscynski told the Tampa Bay Times. 'He came here with the intent to murder both of these victims.'

 Vincente Fuillerat killed his wife and her partner in a double murder-suicide FridayRoutenberg (pictured), 39, and her partner, Lisa Fuillerat, 51, armed themselves with guns

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