Friday, February 24, 2017

#BBNaija: For those complaining, You want to learn something, read a book! Or check Youtube...& spare us the self righteousness

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I read a post from Adaeze J this morning, and honestly she took the words out of my mouth. She doesn't watch Big Brother Naija but I do. I love to see people live together with nothing  and no whereto hide, I enjoy it when I see someone pick his nose in front of the camera because there's no place to hide. The other day, Pretty Tboss cooked egusi soup with curry and thyme and that whole day we couldn't stop laughing about it.  That's what TV is mostly about, ...Entertainment! 
Ordinarily, there are things you do when no one is with you in the kitchen, in the bedroom or sitting room and here someone is doing these same things and has no choice than to just go on because there's no hiding place'; Just like Kemem or Efe picking their noses wit fingers going very deep, Bassey and TTT farting all over the place, it's fun to see them do these things you may never have had the privilege of seeing strangers do.
People are kept together to entertain viewers and change their lives in this hard economy, if they chose to go naked, they are adults; if they chose to lick hot-dogs, they are adults, if they chose to bare their boobs, they are adults and no one is hurt abi? No one forced them to audition, it was their choice to be on TV 24/7. Ok, let me stop here jor.
Read Adaeze's rant below and share your thoughts...

When I hear people talk about stopping the show, I honestly feel it's misplaced priorities for Nigerians to complain about a show that at the end of the day empowers youth. Yes! Empowers the. Those complaining and being all self righteous, what have they contributed to make Lives better, what program do they have in place to give Nigerian Youths a better life.  
I don't understand people complaining that there is nothing educative about BBN. 90% of what is shown on TV is crap...Just for entertainment purposes. You want to learn something, read a book! Or check Youtube...And spare us the self righteousness.
I don't even watch TV and when I do, it's Food Network. But I won't go around complaining about a show that I don't watch. If you don't like it, don't watch it! If you want to change people, preach God's word to them. Criticizing a show will not stop people from watching it. I even got tempted to watch it cos of some of your posts. I just couldn't do it. Too boring.
And some of you making noise, brag about how you follow shows like Game of Thrones...Same difference honey! I think it's even worse? 😟
Btw, the show is just showing you what youths do these days. Instead of getting angry, why don't you pray about it? And why are you mad first of all? Because of what is done or because it is shown on TV?
Misplaced prorities sha #bbnaija

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  1. Honestly i agree, if tou dont like a channel dont watch it or better still block the channel. It's just hypocritical if you ask me haba.


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