Friday, January 20, 2017

Whenever you don't hear your baby's voice, remember this photo

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Dad is even in the shower and can't run out immediately to save situation. Whenever you don't hear your baby's voice, kindly look around. Don't trust them. 
"Babies are Beautiful" shared this photo Online and then the comments began to roll in from different parents.
Read them below...

Anthonia: I am a living witnesses to this hahaha.
Yesterday my DD was drawing on the wall in the kitchen and I was in the laundry room thinking why was she so quite??? I decided to go check on her, that was when she got shocked seeing me hahaha....

Tilly: So true I was in the kitchen with my baby girl, she left to the hall,the place was quiet so I quickly rush out to check on her to had climbed a chair trying to smash the TV with the remote because it was not turning on. hmmmm this is so true never leave your children in attended to.

Jesca:sure!! , me too I don't trust those ninjaz , I found my baby sis of one year and a half happily throwing eggs on walls everywhere she wished and besides, she had poured over a kg of sugar in the whole house and she was soooo happy on seeing me!!!.

 Francisca: I was in my bedroom with my lil pumpkin couple of weeks ago. I was soo busy looking for a document and she was playing around. I heard no sound of hers after a couple of minutes so I called her several times but she made no sound. So I rushed to the hall and I was frozen for over two minutes. In fact, she had my new red lipstick in her hand busily drawing on the very document I was looking for. I also saw several stains of red lipstick on our new white sofa. After I realized I wasn't dreaming but was actually happening, I rushed towards her and knelt before her and my newly painted document and started crying ... She stood up and innocently rapped her tiny little arms around my right arm with these not _so _clear _words " maa stop , maa take ". I. looked up and saw my beautiful red lipstick stains around her lips and on her belly.. She just handed the empty container to me , smiled,, pinched me and run off joyfully.. I kept wondering whether she actually knew what she had done to me.

Moji: I was sleeping one day in d sitting room when my baby sister left for my room I was so Hpy she was not disturbing my sleep but Wen I woke up I wished I never slept d room was up side down. Lolz but it was not funny dat day ol

Jennifer: last day I thought my 1yr old baby girl sleeping , when I look at her , my god she so busy playing her poop all around the bed.

Sika: Soo true,I remember putting water on fire while I peeled my yams,my little sister then was 3years old and was sitting by me asking questions like how can't we eat yams without boiling it,why does yams get softer when u boil it,why can't we boil charcoal etc.Someone was knocking on the door so I decided to go attend to the door and by the time I came back my Motorola (my first ever colored screen phone) was boiling in the water lol.I was so pissed and the sight of the water turning brown made me want to beat her ass but decided to figure out what was she thinking.

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