Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Photo tells something about Donald Trump and wife Melania; if your husband is like oga Donald Trump, just try to avoid appearing too much in public with him to reduce embarrassing moments

They look more like colleagues at an event than a husband and wife.The internet has been all up on Donald Trump and his wife Melania, saying there is no chemistry between them as compared to Obama and Michelle. Talking about chemistry between couples. Some couples are actually more matched than others whether we agree or not. Some husbands are good at doing all this public PDA but behind closed doors they something else. Some marriages show something like "two different personalities" At home they are Drizella and Anastasia, in public they are Romeo and Juliet while others are just more real WYSIWYG. They act same way at home and in public. There is also another group of couple that never get along in

public and I don't know why because at home they are fine and friendly but once they leave home and are in public glare, nothing seems to go right. 

For Donald Trump, if you ask me, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET HOME AND ABROAD and if your husband is like oga Donald, just try to avoid appearing too much in public with him to reduce embarrassing moments. 

Again, with all the "grabbing by the pu**y" revelations and allegations that happened during Elections, if he hadn't won, by now, my guess is that Melania would have begun the process of ... You understand? But right now, who is that woman that won't chuck head to be First Lady of The United States Of America, under any circumstance? Whether he smiles at her or not, holds her hand in public or not, she is The First Lady, The FLOTUS and nothing beats that abeg. Chemistry or No Chemistry, she is the one.

Not every man is good at Public display of affection sha but Trumps own is worse because it happens on a very great, a day when he could have just acted at least to impress his fans and numerous voters.

Melania sha wasn't in a great mood because if she was, knowing the kind of man her husband is, could have just slid her hand around his like Laura did to Bush in the pic above but, she seems to have had it and is not interested.

Do you agree with Internet users who claim there is no chemistry between these two?

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