Saturday, January 21, 2017

For Men Only: Ditch the husband mentality



1. Your wife is not beneath you and she is not above you. She is a team member. Consult her in all you do. She has been designed with helpmate resources and techniques to improve your life. If you are not letting her help you because you think you know it all, you are not wise.

2. Stop using “women are weaker vessels” as an excuse to look down on your wife. Yes, the vessel might be weak but the content is strong, very strong. And what the weaker vessels analogy connotes is for you to cherish the vessel not to look down on the vessel. Be wise my brother.

3. “Women have chicken brains and their reasoning faculty is low.” Bros, with the learning and exposure in this 21st century if you still believe this trash, then shame on you!

4. Improve your wife. Don’t carry somebody’s daughter into your house and leave her the way you met her. For example, if her father gave her first degree, when you marry her add Masters and even PhD. Don’t kill her dreams because she married you. Are you a dream killer?

5. Calling women feminists is now a new trick of men to manipulate women to
stay small. Whenever your wife wants to stand up for herself or strive to achieve greatness in her life, you call her feminist and make her feel guilty of sins she has not committed. This is a very bad demon possessing some men, such men need 190 days dry fasting and prayers of deliverance.

6. If you want her to spread her legs for you, then win her heart first… daily. That you have paid her bride price doesn’t mean you should become a married rapist. Also brush your mouth, shave your armpit, cut your dirty nails and take a shower; trust me, it is easier to arouse a woman when you are looking clean and smelling good than when you are a pig. Even if that pig is her husband.

7. Your wife and children should not be running for cover once you are coming back home. For god sakes, you are a husband and father not a monster.

8. A female police officer or boss will provoke you and you will endure it; but it is only at home that you don’t take shit. My brother stop that shit.

9. You are a beast if you hit your wife. I repeat all men that beat their wives are beasts. I repeat they are beasts. The day you do this, just pack your things and go to the zoo. The sad thing is that even in the zoo all the animals there will be higher than you, because Lions, Gorillas and even snakes don’t beat their wives.

10.  Don’t forget that it is giving birth to your kids that has made her so fat. Stop complaining. Register both of you in a gym. It will also help with your potbelly. Even if she never gets back to the original shape don’t go running after slim girls. Don’t be an idiot.

11.  My brother, you should feel insulted when people tell you that men are polygamous so you should go chasing other women. Don’t believe them when they tell you that because a woman dresses skimpily you should pounce on her. You have self-control, exercise it. Owning an active penis should not be an excuse to act like a fool.

12.  Kings have queens. If you reduce your queen into a housegirl, then automatically you also become a houseboy. She will wash, scrub, cook and pound yam while you sit down like a cripple watching 22 men on TV chasing a ball around. This is why favour will desert your household.

13.  If you know the names of all Chelsea and Arsenal footballers, their dates of birth and how much they earn and yet you can’t even remember your wife’s birthday or know her bra or shoe size, then you need serious prayers.

14.  If you disrespect your wife before others you are only providing free tutorials to others on how to disrespect your wife. And don’t ever receive any honour that you can’t share with your wife. Don’t ever let anyone respect you and then treat your wife like trash. Treat your wife like a Firstlady and others will follow suit… if they don’t, then kick their sick asses out of your life.

15.  Provide spiritual leadership to your wife. If you don’t she will go about running from church to church, crusade to crusade, man of God to man of God and God will hold you responsible for this.

16.  Your wife should be your number 1, 2, 3, 4 priority. Let every other thing comes from number 5, including your parents, friends, job, and children.

17.  Don’t let anybody tell you anything that you cannot tell your wife.

18.  If your wife can’t pick your calls, read your texts or mails, enter your Facebook and have your ATM card pin then your marriage is a prison and you are the number 1 prisoner.

19.  Ditch the husband mentality. Remain her boyfriend. Compliment her always. Buy her ice cream and flowers. Open doors for her and always rise in her defense. Don’t tell me “Bro, this is Africa o.” Being an African man is not equals to being unromantic.

20.  You admire nice clothing and jewelries on other women but when your wife ask for those things you say she is materialistic. My brother, step out there, make money and splash it on your wife.

21.  Stop turning serious advice and the yearning of your wife for you to become a better man into a joke. When you hear any woman say she wants a caring, handsome, romantic, rich, faithful and God fearing man… don’t join other fools in saying rubbish like “Go create him yourself”. “Is that kind of man in the Bible”, or “Wait, Jesus is coming soon”. Rather strive to be that kind of man so that when your wife see such comments from other men, she will smile and say to herself “I have that kind of man at home and I didn’t have to create him myself; God did.”


Your Brother,
Firsts Baba Isa.

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  1. This is a very good piece of advice. Two thumbs up to the brothers out there who do this already, you rock!!!


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