Thursday, January 26, 2017

24 year old mum of two shocks her husband by revealing she has secretly slept with 1000 men as a prostitute while still married

Marcedes shocked husband Andrew by revealing she was secretly working as an escort

Marcedes, a 24-year-old housewife from America, married ex-soldier Andrew six years ago and the pair have two children together. The pair appeared to have the perfect family life, but their relationship was left in tatters after Marcedes exposed her seedy double life on US chat show, Dr. Phil.
Marcedes, who also confessed to drinking a bottle of vodka a day, has since been kicked out of her seven-bedroom home and torn away from her young kids.
“I have been living a lie my entire life. If you saw me on Facebook you would see the American dream. The truth is I have been a prostitute since about 14,” she told Dr. Phil.
Marcedes said she would see up to 60 clients a week, making £4,800 in the process.
She estimated that she’s slept with 1,000 men.
"I met Andrew about six years ago and he had no idea. He thought I was stripping for a

private agency, which was a lie," she said.
"About a month ago he found out our second child was not biologically his. My son is actually a client’s child from escorting."
Andrew called his wife a “liar” and said he had no idea what she was doing behind his back.
He said: “Marcedes is a pathological liar and an attention seeker.
“I had video proof of her having a man in my house on a security camera video.
“After everything came to light I am still willing to give her a chance to be a mother but our relationship is over.
Dr. Phil said he would send Marcedes to rehab to help her with her alcohol issues

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