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Why I returned back to Annie after making babies with other women - Tuface reveals

Ace Nigerian singer-songwriter, Innocent Ujah Idibia, better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, or 2Baba, has revealed in a recent interview with Soundcity 98.5 Radio, why he left other women to stick with Annie, his wife.
When asked How and why he went back to Annie, the 'Coded Tinz' crooner said: "Every

How a woman's search for her biological father led her to witness his execution

Sometimes, things are better left the way they are.   Even though her adoptive parents gave her a very comfortable life, all her life, the only thing Gina really wanted to do was search and find the man and woman that gave birth to her. She finally met him but not in the way that anyone would pray to meet their parents. Read her touching story...

CNN' Richard Quest and Mo Abudu jog on Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge where Mark Zuckerberg Jogged when he visited Nigeria (Photos)

Richard Quest is in Nigeria visiting. CEO of Ebony Life TV. Mo Abudu shared photos of her and Richard as they jogged on Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge. Recall that Mark Zuckerberg posted photos of him jogging there during his short trip to Nigeria.Sharing the photos, Mo wrote; "We

Magician accidentally kills himself in the presence of spectators while trying to prove that nothing could harm him (Photos)

Sad! Were the spirits silent or asleep? An embarrassing way to die. Aan act he has been performing in the past, not as if it's his first time. How can something possibly go wrong at a time when he is used to that particular trick?
A psychic trying to demonstrate that nothing could harm him ended up committing suicide in the presence of his spectators.

Theprit Palee, 25, had been performing a Thai traditional dance in front of spectators in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Wednesday afternoon when the incident occurred.

Usually, Palee would press a long sword against his chest but instead of being impaled, the sword would break. The folk ritual is said to honour the spirits of ancestors and in previous shows he would

Actress Adaora Ukoh release breathtaking photos as she turns a year older

Pretty faced Plus sized Nollywood actress and mother, Adaora Ukoh has added another year today, The big. old and beautiful star shared beautiful new photos to mark her special day.
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Woman allegedly incurs N757,000 debt in one day at Lagos bar, smartly leaves without settling the bills. See how she did it

Interesting story line. Some people think her husband sent her there and probably sent the car that picked her after she reached the target. The bar operator sef, why allow her enter the car and leave the bar without settling her bills? The story get as e be o. 
A bar operator on Lekki Beach Road, Ademola Ogunbona, says he has lost his means of
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Man with six children seeks divorce from wife who won't stop making babies

Image result for Man seeks divorce over wife’s penchant for making babies

 “I had to force her to the hospital for a family planning device but she went secretly to deactivate it without my consent. “Some months later, she went to her parent’s place and sent me text message that she was pregnant. “She did not return home until after delivering and naming the baby in her parent’s place'

 A civil servant, Micheal Ayinde, on Wednesday pleaded with an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to end his marriage because of his wife’s penchant for making babies.

 Ayinde, 39, told court that his wife, whose name he gave as Glory, enjoyed “giving births at will’’.

 According to him, Glory has made six children within the nine-year duration of their marriage. Ayinde explained that before he married Glory, he had warned her that he needed only two kids, irrespective of their gender so that he could afford their upkeep. He said that Glory reached an agreement with him on the matter, only for her to discard the agreement. “My lord, my wife wants to kill me with children; she is bearing them like rats. “My wife agreed to have two kids with me but after marriage, she started having children like rats, in nine years, she delivered six children. “She was sacked from her work place just because

10 Things You Never Knew About The Man inside Barney outfit

Image result for who plays barney on tv

One of the most unforgettable children's TV shows of all time has to be Barney and Friends, if only because the theme song will get stuck in the head of any who has ever heard it. Barney was a pivotal TV figure in many kids' childhoods, and a lot of his success can be attributed to the man who wore the suit. After all, what would Barney have been without his lumbering dino dance moves? It's fun when you see kids love barney so much on TV but can't stand touching or dancing beside Nigerian barney at kids birthday parties. For a long time, the job belonged to David Joyner — the man who operated the Barney suit and embodied the purple dinosaur from

Missing girl's body found decomposing in a box hidden under neighbour's bed after he helped family look for their child

Police search the house where Harshitha's body was found
Once you cannot tell your child's whereabout for 5 to 10 minutes, look for them, keep them within eye and ear shot. Criminality is on the increase. People have become so hardened that a Father could rape and kill another man's child, hide the body and then go out and sympathize with the family even joining in the search for missing child. Haba! He must have abducted the poor girl while she played outside in the rain.The foolishness that made him lock his door and travel eeh? May that type of foolish come upon everyone that tries to hurt another man's child.
Read the full story from Mirror below:
The body of a six-year-old girl has been found inside a box hidden under her neighbour’s bed, after he helped the family search for their missing child.
After little Harshitha went missing last Thursday in

Meet 37-year-old mum of 38 children, she got married, started giving birth at 13 (Photos)

Miriam in a black dress with some of her 38 biological children.

Miriam the mother of 38 biological children says her father had 45 kids that came in quintuplets, quadruplets etc. Wow! They need a reality Television show so we all can see what happens daily in her large family and how the identical ones react to others and so on. A 37-year-old mother in Kabimbiri village, Mukono District in Uganda has given birth to 38 children.
In what must be some sort of record, Mariam has six sets of

Jealous Man worried that his wife is leaving him, hangs himself and their 11-month old daughter on FACEBOOK LIVE

20-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay used Facebook Live to broadcast himself killing his 11-month-old daughter before taking his own life — all because he was afraid his wife was going to leave him.
People could access the videos of the child’s murder on her father’s Facebook page for

'If Buhari dies, I promise to kill 200 people' - Nigerian Police Officer

Inusa Saidu Biu, a police officer from Biu, a local government area in Southern Borno state has Promised to kill 200 people if  president Buhari dies.

According to him the president was poisoned but he survived, he said 'Buhari the

Nigerian Student decides to spend the holiday with her friends' family then this happened...

A confused student has cried out for help after her friend's father pays in so much money into her account. Confused as to what to do with that kind of money and how to stop the man from making advances at her, she sends a mail to relationship blogger Joro and shares the chat she has with her best friend's dad. Read the chat below and please say what you think she should do in this situation?


Continue below to see all their chat...

'How Obama helped Buhari defeat me in 2015 election' – Goodluck Jonathan bares his mind

Finally, Former President  Goodluck Jonathan is saying something about his loss at the the 2015 elections through a book, many Nigerians wnted to know his true thoughts, to get to know what he is thinking even after calling the winner and conceding power... The Former President has claimed that he lost the 2015 presidential elections, because of a conspiracy between the USA, Britain and France -(DailyPost).

In a new book “Against The Run of Play” authored by the Chairman of ThisDay Editorial Board, Olusegun Adeniyi, Jonathan said former US President Barack Obama, ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande helped President Muhamamdu Buhari win the election.

He said: “President Barack Obama and his officials made it very clear to me by their actions that
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I got to find out that most of the women in the church carrying pregnancy for 2yrs, some 3yrs, 5yrs because they don't have money to pay, so she will never deliver them. Out of the 700k, I beg to pay 500k. The pregnancy does not show in the test. This is a very big church, consists of igbo women from oka, onitsha and Aba, most of them husband, their husbands are rich; women do not go into labour by themselves, they will be the one to call you to come and deliver, no labour pains - Facebook User

Related image

The whole wide world must hear this:~
"There is something important I want to confide in you about my daughter. Actually, I am not sure she is mine. I am not her mother. That is why I always tell you that I want to have my own children. I started taking care of her from Birth. She is not my husband's child too! My husband has sperm problem. It all started in 2012 due to the way he was always abusing me and beating me, cheating on me with different girls. I insisted on sperm count analysis and with pride, he told me he was going to prove me wrong and throw me out only to find out that his sperm was 1%. He went to Federal Hospital and they said it was 0%. Then my husband started threatening me that if I leave him, he will kill me. I could not cheat on him because it was against my believe. Before he discovered his problem, he used to treat me like a house help and a cheap prostitute, humiliates me in public.

A friend of my husband directed us to one church in Lagos owned by


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1. After the first try to see if you can escape and yet you couldn't, do NOT struggle anymore....
2. Pretend you are weak, this will prevent him from beating you or further harming you.
3. Beg him to treat you well... Lie to him that you have succumbed....
4. If you can, help him pull your under panties and try romancing him.... This is to make him relaxed, with thoughts that you are horny, crazy or want it too.....
5. When his penis is out

As they prepares to give birth to twins, Beyoncé & Jay Z Reportedly Offer a $120 Million Bid on a Bel-Air Mansion (See Photos)

Beyoncé and Jay Z are still trying to figure out permanent abode in Los Angeles and reportedly have their eye on a mega-mansion and have offered a $120 million.
Page Six Reports below...
Beyoncé and Jay Z have put in a $120 million bid for a stunning hilltop Bel Air mansion that boasts four pools, eight bedrooms — and even bulletproof windows.
As Beyoncé prepares to give birth to twins, she and Jay are planning to

Actresses Stella Damasus and Kate Henshaw finally settle their fight

KAte Henshaw

God works in mysterious ways and age has a way of making people take life less seriously. What was meant to be a birthday celebration for Stella Damasus eventually became a time to settle an age-long score with her friend and actress, Kate Henshaw.

Stella, who is now married to Doris Simeon’s ex, Daniel Ademinokan, had her birthday on April 24 and as expected, many birthday shout-outs poured in. Among those was Kate Henshaw's  unusual birthday message.
She wrote:

'Smart' man caught out after wife spotted his picture with new wife on Facebook

Hull Crown Court

45 year old man has denied he committed Bigamy after disappearing and secretly marrying another woman while still married to the mother of his son. Read the interesting below as reportyed by MirrorUK:

So touching: Shekinah Jo Shares a Disturbing Photo of Alleged Domestic Abuse, Asks for Prayers

Tiny’s friend Shekina Jo took to social media to share a disturbing photo of her face all bruised up and swollen.
The post has since been deleted, but in the caption she says a man beat her and she asked for prayers.
See it below...

Tennis legend' racist comment about Serena William’s unborn baby earns him a suspension

People need to be very careful with words, the things you say can make or destroy you. Romanian tennis legend and Fed Cup captain Ilie “Nasty” Nastase is in sweating it out in hot water after allegedly making a racist comment about Serena Williams’ unborn baby, and the next day getting tossed from a Fed Cup match against Great Britain for yelling obscenities from his courtside seat.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has launched an investigation into Nastase’s behavior.

At the Fed Cup draw in Constanta on Friday, the 70-year-old former world No. 1 was heard speaking in Romanian about Williams' baby.

"Let's see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?" he was
Monday, April 24, 2017

Pregnant Serena Williams and fiance Alexis Ohanian enjoying their babymoon at a Mexican beach (Photos)

Not today! Serena was clearly not in the mood to exhibit her frame 

The GOAT is in Mexico enjoying a babymoon with Fiance. She delightedly announced her pregnancy with fiancé Alexis Ohanian last week. 
And Serena Williams seems to be settling joyously into life as an expectant mother as she

Flamboyant Port Harcourt Pastor, Apostle Ernest Agortey marries for the third time (Photos)

Naija I Hail! The founder of Alabaster House Assembly in Rumuomoi, Port Harcourt, Apostle Ernest Agortey is currently trending after he allegedly married a third wife from Edo state.According to a Facebook user, Tracynither Nicolas who shared this, the Apostle narrated the reason for his failed marriages during an interview with City People magazine. 

She wrote; "The flamboyant Apostle who loves to make a statement with his Lifestyle, especially his dressing and cars, revealed in that interview that his first wife, the woman who reportedly started the hustle with him, was

Nigerian Doctor amputates unborn child's hand after assuming he died in his mother's womb, only for baby to be born alive (photos)

What sort of error is this? Now a baby is born with one arm, what is the quack Doctor going to do with the amputated arm?
According to the story shared by a Facebook user, a man had taken his brother's wife to the hospital to deliver her baby. However, on getting there the doctor arrived at the conclusion that the baby was already dead in the womb and sought the permission of the brother-in-law to amputate the child's hand so as to save the woman's life.
Turns out the baby was not dead and the child will have to live without a limb due to a doctor's mistake. The incident, which happened in northern Nigeria, has led a lot of people to call for further investigation because the story does not add up. 

See the reactions that followed and more photos below.

Every woman should know these facts about fibroids

Image result for important facts about fibroid every woman should know

What Are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are growths that develop from the muscle tissue of the uterus, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). They can grow inside the uterine cavity (where a fetus grows), within the uterine wall, on the outside edge of the uterine wall, or even outside the uterus and attached by a stem-like structure. While they are often called tumors, it's super important to know that almost all of them are benign (non-cancerous), says Dr. Bohn.
"On very rare occasions they can become cancerous, and that's called a leiomyosarcoma," she says. In that case, it's usually extremely fast growing, and the only way to know if it's
Sunday, April 23, 2017

New mum takes newborn baby home to die as doctors tell her 'there's nothing more we can do for her'

A young mum has taken her newborn baby home to die, after medics said there was nothing more they could do for her.
Little May Rose Gibney was diagnosed at a 20-week scan with encephalocele, a rare condition where the brain develops outside the skull.
Heartbroken mum Analee Gibney, 24, from Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, was warned her baby girl may not even survive birth.
May Rose, now aged six weeks, is receiving palliative care at home, and hasn’t cried since

#BBNaija: Kemen explains in details what really happened that night with TBoss

On what really transpired under the sheets between Kemen and Tboss while in The big Brother house, he spoke to Sunday Scoop and explained in details what actually went down:

He says:
“I believe that Nigerians are very brilliant people and I’ve decided to care less about what is said on social media. The truth lies with me and Tboss. I want Nigerians to realise that the organisers know more than they do.
We are in a country where people have the freedom to express themselves and we’re all entitled to our opinions. Some people might see something as right while some other people might view the same thing as wrong, so it has been a battle of words.
“On that night, I slept before Tboss and I used the duvet that was on the bed to

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar undergoes successful Fibroid removal surgery in India (Photos)

The 31-year-old  Nigerian actress by the grace of God had a successful  fibroid removal surgery in India.

The Kano state born preached about removal of Fibroids on her IG page, this got fans curious until she revealed she had it.

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Apostle Suleman opens up on new allegations by alleged ex lover Stephanie Otobo

Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, has vowed not to allow allegations made against him by his alleged lover, Miss Stephanie Otobo, go unchallenged.

Apostle Suleman, who spoke to The Sun through his Media Adviser, Phrank Shaibu, dared Otobo to prove all her allegations in court.

He said: “It is not for her to probe the wisdom of the mother in going to beg for forgiveness. The mother has done what she felt was right and we have responded to the mother’s appeal for forgiveness.
“Can’t you see the contradiction in the claim of being poisoned by Apostle? First, she

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Update: Woman who touched bride's belly on wedding day in viral video Confesses

A Facebook user shared a video that went viral yesterday. the shocking video of a woman rubbing bride's belly on her wedding day Here is a shocking update on the story.

As shared by Dr. Nini Iyizoba:

'They were married for 2 years with no kids. The couple's friend randomly

Bride-to-be lost about 38kg after bursting into tears when she saw herself in wedding dress

A bride getting ready for her wedding, cried when she saw her big body in a wedding dress, wondered how people will look at her walking down he Isle in that size, then she took drastic measures and lost over 38kg before her wedding day.  Read her inspiring story below:

A bride-to-be shed nearly six stone for her wedding day as she was so 'horrified' about how she looked in her wedding dress. Mum-of-one Caroline Townsend, 33, decided to ditch the chocolate biscuits after seeing a photo of herself in her dress a year before the big day.
She said she became "horrified" at the thought of people looking at her as she walked down the aisle - so she decided to take action. Laundry assistant Caroline admitted she was an

Heavily pregnant Beyonce in purple

At her mum's Easter party

Blue Ivy resting her head on her soon-to-be-born twin siblings...

#BBNaija: See Real Reason Bassey Friend-zoned Debbie-Rise in the Big Brother House

Image result for bassey and debbie rise in big brother naija house

While in house, Debbie-Rise was so much into fellow housemate Bassey, however she came late because the feelings only showed after Efe rejected her. Recall there was once she faced a fake eviction, while housemates thought Debbie had been evicted, Biggie kept her hidden in the arena for a while. During that period that she stayed away, Bassey was so devastated he couldn't control himself, he was actually the only housemate that cried and even rolled on the floor for her,  not minding the regal tradional outfit he was wearing . That happened during their first week in the house. Bassey initially developed real feelings for Debbie but being the disciplined, articulate Calabar boy that he is, REFUSED to take what Efe rejected. Infact, he cried so much that

#BBNaija: 'How my pastor dad received me back' – Debbie-Rise reveals

Ex-Big Brother Naija star, singer and guitarist, Deborah Ebun, popularly called Debie-Rise, has revealed how her Dad pardoned her after she sneaked out to the show, she revealed this to DailyPost.
While in the show, she had told fellow housemates how she ran out of her home because her dad, a pastor, would not let
Friday, April 21, 2017

Woman rubs brides stomach during bridal dance and she couldn't get pregnant for years after the wedding until someone saw this video

This is so like a movie scene abeg! Hope she has a good explanation for that kind of touch on a bride? Ladies, please try as much as possible to be vigilant on your special day, don't get too carried away. The kinds of good and not so good things that pass unnoticed during events will shock you. Facebook user Ebelekenechukwu Ajemba shared this short video of a lady dancing on her wedding day unaware of another woman rubbing her stomach. Years passed and she couldn't get pregnant until a family friend watched this video and noticed something as not right ...the look on the woman's face while she did the

Photos of Beyonce's new pregnancy look

Heavily pregnant Queen Bey was spotted as she attended the Beauty & Essex bar in Hollywood with her Jay Z to celebrate the birthday of Lenny Santiago, the senior vice president of Jay Z's music label Roc Nation.
More photos:

Must Read: Bill Gates says he banned his kids from having mobile phones until they turned 14, he wears a $10 wrist watch

Gates (far left) and his wife, Melinda (third from left), are parents to Jennifer (second from left), 20; Rory (far right), 17; and Phoebe (second from right), 14

  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates did not let his kids own a cell phone until age 14 
  • Gates and his wife, Melinda, are parents to three children aged 20, 17, and 14
  • World's richest man says he limits amount of time kids can spend with phones.

  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a Legend many parents should learn from when it come to parenting. The world's richest man, says that he did not permit his children to own a mobile phone until they turned 14.
    Gates made the revelation during an interview on Thursday with the British newspaper The Mirror.
    Not only does Gates force his kids to wait until age 14 to get a smartphone, but he also limits the amount of time they could use them before going to bed. Smartphones are also banned from

    Efe visits P-Square's Banana Island mansion (See photos)

    Big Brother Naija winner, Efe, while still in the BBN house, promised that if he wins the N25m, he will have a Thank you tour around Nigeria, and man is keeping to his words. He visited the P-Square brothers at their Banana Island mansion in Ikoyi area of Lagos. Visit was streamed on Instagram live, with Efe taking a full tour of the house, spending time at the

    'A year ago, I never thought I will have a reason to laugh again' - Tiwa Savage' hubby, Teebillz

    Tiwa Savage's husband and manager, Teebillz, has  written an emotional post, disclosing how he felt after his marital crisis blew up and snowballed about a year ago. The manager, who was saved from a suicide attempt on Lekki-Ikoyi bridge in 2016, after getting depressed from the breakdown of his marriage to singer, Tiwa Savage, also thanked God for saving his life. 
    Below is what he wrote:

    'Just found out My wife has a penis' cries devastated man who discovered wife's true status on their wedding night

    Should newly wed manage till death do them part or just leave? What do you think?

    Image result for deception uncovered on wedding night

    Read story as shared by Relationship expert Joro Olumofin: Newly wed man and bride dated for one year before marriage, during this courtship period, she insisted on 'No sex before marriage' He trusted and waited along only to see an erect rod staring at him on their wedding night with pretty faced wifey sobbing that she kept the secret because...
    Read the rest of his story below:
    Thursday, April 20, 2017

    Meet the top ten richest female musicians in Nigeria 2017

    Who doesn't know there is money in Music, especially when the talent is outstanding. This post from JAGUDA highlights the 10 ladies in the music Industry who are going home with the biggest paychecks. In ascending order and being estimated, here are the richest female Nigerian musicians

    Mum thought her 11-year-old daughter, had just started her period; but bloodstains were cervical cancer

    Julie McClelland, pictured with her only child Michelle, thought her daughter had just started her period when she began bleeding aged 11

    An 11 year old dying of cervical cancer? Sad! Brave Michelle Peacock battled the disease for six years, having her womb, ovaries, bladder and part of her vagina removed, but died just three days after her 17th birthday.
    A MUM who thought her 11-year-old daughter had started her period was devastated when

    Unemployed Nigerian man welcomes a set of quintuplets (Photos)

    Mr Imudia Uduehi and his wife welcomed these five babies at The Ntional Hospital, Abuja. The new dad who married less than a year ago, has appealed to government, well-meaning Nigerians and philanthropists to support the family in raising the children. Uduehi, also an unemployed graduate, from Ekpoma in Esan West LGA in Edo, made the appeal while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja. .

    He said the quintuplet was delivered at the National Hospital Abuja on April 12, adding that all the five

    RMD shares his 10 best and worst moments in Life

    Image result for richard mofe damijo instagram

    Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly referred to as RMD, has never hidden the fact that becoming a grandparent makes him really happy. The Legend has magnanimously led his numerous fans into the part of hid life that many do not know. With short posts, he revealed some things about himself, these revelations actually take his readers into a knowing much more about 'The Amazing World of RMD' as an only Child thoroughly loved by mum, life as a young man in the city and so much more. He recollected with nostalgia, the ten best moments of his inspiring life, including how the loss of his mother remains the most painful moment in his life till date and how the thrills of being a grandparent has trumped the special feeling of becoming a father.
    Anyways, older fans who knew him and his first wife together are saying that they expected the Veteran to also make mention of the loss of his first wife. No one actually knows why he generously revealed to fans who he is without mentioning Mee.
    The actor, who shared these life moments on his website, however, said his best decision in life was giving his life to Jesus Christ.
    Read RMD’s Top 10 Best And Worst Life Moments Below…
    Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    Man gets stuck inside best friend's wife from behind (Photos/Video)

    Instant Judgement sealed and delivered hot! Watch the embarrassing moment a man got stuck inside his best friend's wife while in the other room. 

    When they both could not endure the pain that came with their embarrassing situation, they called for

    #BBNaija contestant Marvis kneels before her Dad's Royal Throne for blessing

    The big brother Naija finalist, who is a royal kid from Onne, Eleme, Rivers State, knelt down before his Royal highness, The King of Eleme kingdom as she got a grand welcome home. Marvis was so

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