Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pretty Nigerian lady dumps Naija boyfriend for ''abroad" lover only to discover he's married with 2 kids

A pretty young lady got the shock of her life after she dumped her home based boyfriend for a man based in the United States and later discovered he has been married for years with kids.

The discovery was made this morning and the lady in question wants other women to learn from her experience. She wrote...

 I got a WhatsApp call from my dream husband to be this morning. .
As usual I picked and I was like "hey baby" to my greatest surprise a lady replied and said who is your Baby? Is it my husband you are calling your baby? Prostitute please leave my husband alone. I was dumbfounded. She ended the call and sent me a message
on WhatsApp chat immediately.
Below is the conversation I just had this morning with the wife I never knew existed before now, of the guy I practically left my ex for. All because he lives in USA and was coming to marry me so I will relocate with him. ..
He had planned to come next year. I have known this guy for like two years now and he never said he his married and I never got a sign. Thank God we haven't met yet before this, I would have committed suicide."

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