Thursday, November 10, 2016

Young Mum who drank alcohol and forgot her baby in the bath actually ran out asking passers by where her child was before one year old body was found drowned in the tub

24 year old mum of oneJasmine Gregory was told not to leave her child alone in a bath just hours before the tot drowned. 
A "volatile and immature" young mother has been convicted of killing her 14-month-old daughter by leaving her alone in a bathtub and forgetting where she was after drinking two bottles of cider.
The court had been told during the trial that Jasmine  was told not to leave her child alone in a bath just hours before the tot drowned.
A support worker had warned her just before Robyn Andrews-English was tragically found
dead and the jury had heard that Gregory had been seen leaving her child alone "several times" previously.
Before the tragedy unfolded in August 2014, Gregory ran out of her home and asked passers-by where her baby was before she was found holding Robyn's lifeless body in the house after she had been left alone for 10 minutes.
She had repeatedly shouted she had left her daughter for "less than 10 minutes" but after the tragic events Gregory said she was "so busy" and only went downstairs briefly.
Gregory had said the water in the bath came up to "about chest height" of her daughter.
But the child had been lying face down in the bathwater in the home at Kents Row, Grove, near Wantage, Oxon.
An eye-witness later saw Gregory carrying Robyn's "grey and limp" body.
The trial at Oxford Crown Court heard that Gregory, now of Ulfgar Road, Oxford, drank two pints of cider on the day of Robyn's death. An almost empty bottle was later found in the kitchen sink.
Gregory's defence team had submitted to the jury that Gegory was not guilty of manslaughter, adding: "A mistake and even very serious errors of judgement are nowhere near enough for a crime of manslaughter to have been committed."
However, the jury rejected this after taking two hours to convict her of the crime. Gregory wept in the dock as the verdict was given.

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