Saturday, November 26, 2016

Woman swaps phone with her one-night stand, then her life changes forever

Woman swaps phone with her one-night stand, then her life changes

Some weeks back, a Nairobi woman met a charming, tall, dark and handsome man on her way home from work. It was love at first sight. An attraction that she couldn't hide. They got acquainted and exchanged telephone numbers. She is 32-years-old and unmarried. Surely, this was God's working on her case.
That week, it was an endless spell-binding myriad of text messages and incessant phone calls. They agreed to meet for coffee in town. At that Java on Kimathi street where everyone goes for their first date. Towards the end of the date, the man requested the woman to swap phones for a week just for fun.
She obliged. After all, wasn't this the man of her dreams? Lochinvar? The husband she had been waiting for, for the last decade?
Needless to add, that was the last time she saw that man. He has blocked her on all platforms and disappeared.
She shared her disappointing experience Online and below are some of the reactions from her followers:

Essy Kinyua: Just buy a new one n forget about it
Malkia Milka: What is this?unaumwa na vile ameandika engaged ama vile hachukui simu zako ama vile anafanya hizi mambo na simu yako,shida iko kipande gani? #kiulizotu
Moni Baibe :which help do you need,,the same way u never complained akiiba nunu hata phone usicomplain
Nyawira Wachanga: Pole sana mami,but how do people exchange phones and why?,why now why ulibuy yako kaa nayo nilibuy yangu nikae nayo,ata kama ni wewe ulinibuia if you gave me its mine!I cant comfortable!......just my thought though no hau reke nemwo!

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