Sunday, November 06, 2016

Woman divorces husband for being too nice, drives off with his car

Woman divorces husband for being too nice

Most women pray for a good, caring, romantic, hardworking, God fearing man as husband, but that’s not the case for one American woman, who decided she can’t take the niceness of her husband anymore and sought to nullify the marriage. Apparently the husband tells he [or used to] he loves her twice a week, cooks meals for her–with the overrated breakfast in bed nonsense- and topped with the fact that he has accepted her other three children from a previous marriage.

The alleged woman, whose sanity the judge ostensibly questioned, took off with her husbands pimped up car and left their matrimonial home for god knows where. Probably she was looking for some bad guy with tattoos up to his face and a criminal record to back it up.
This lady didn’t realise how good she had it, other women could kill for such a man. Talk of different needs for different women. 

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