Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The issues we have with my husband are about his phone. The kind of affection he shows these girls on phone he doesn't show me. I feel so lost, How do I cope with it?

I hope this gets posted. I've been married for 3yrs now with two beautiful girls. Most times the issue we have is always about my husband's phone. He likes chatting with girls. Though he has warned me to stay off his phone. I got to know the password and I use it to my advantage. When he's asleep I read his msgs.

Last night when he came back, I went to his room and noticed he was having an erection. He saw me and was trying to cover it. When he went into the bathroom i checked his phone again. A girl sent him her boobs and bum. I was shocked. This girl I know they talk and chat everyday. But I never knew she sends him nude pictures. I don't want him to know I checked his phone. But later wen we were on the bed about to sleep I asked him why he was having an erection but he refused to answer me. Am so hurt and angry. What does he gain from girls sending him nude pictures? How do i cope with it? I feel he doesn't love me cos the kind of affection he shows these girls on phone he doesn't show me. I feel so lost right now. What to I do?


  1. OMG! This is exactly what I'm passing through in my marriage. I married the He Goat when he had nothing and stood by him through rough times. My marriage is 5yrs and blessed with a boy and 2 girls. He's always on social network chatting with them and exchanging pix. Sends them money and keeps telling me to manage that times are hard. He even went as far as buying a car for one of them and to think that it was same week he bought d car he asked me to be taking bike or keke cos there's no money to fuel the car I use for school run. Please I'm waiting for advice.

  2. I'm even lost on what to say. I only pray God strengthens you people. This institution called marriage, one can cope only with wisdom from heaven moreover there's no specific advice that works just follow your hearts darlings. It is well

  3. Sorry about your predicament poster. I hope you work and can stand on your own. I will advise you do not have any more kids for now and try to study your husband more and sort things out with him. If it hurts you so much, you have to discuss the issue with him. If you and the family mean much to him; he will check himself.

    On the other hand you can keep quiet and keep garnering more evidence so any actions you choose to take tomorrow, you can show people; especially his family. All the best dear.

  4. Na wa oh...chai!

  5. But why snoop at his phone? Am sure u wld have felt better if you don't no all these things


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