Monday, November 28, 2016

Read downloaded Toke Makinwa's book 'On Becoming': Why Maje did not get her pregnant, begged her for money & much more

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These stories are really crazy! SubdeliveryMan on Twitter downloaded Toke Makinwa's 102 pages book on Amazon and shared the unbelievable parts on his social media page...

The excerpts tell why Maje didn't get Toke pregnant, how he visited her one morning to ask for money, how he told her to accept it and start acting right because she is the wife and Anita the girlfriend after she caught him with Anita in public. How Maje's mother told her (Toke) that her prayer is Toke will find her own husband knowing fully well Toke was dating her son.

Please read on!

First excerpt

2nd excerpt
3rd excerpt



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