Monday, November 07, 2016

Popular Kenyan Blogger Under Fire, Pulls down blog on rape post that many deemed insensitive


Popular Kenyan blogger Bikozulu was on Monday forced to pull down a post on a woman who was raped three time, after many readers slammed it as insensitive and inappropriate. The blogger posted this apology on Facebook 'We appreciate your comments on our last post. Our intention was not to offend anyone's sensibilities, it was inappropriate. We have since pulled down the post and we sincerely apologise for this'

In the blog post, Biko had captured the survivor, 23-year-old Enid Ongaya’s story in her own words. She said she is also battling bipolar disorder.
She narrated how she has been raped thrice and is now friends with all the three men and

does not see them as rapists anymore.
“I have moved on from those bad experiences. It has no bearing on who I am now even though it traumatized me and made me resent men so much.
For a while, I always wondered why I was raped then I realised that each time this happened I was in a depressed state and I was sending wrong signals to these men,” narrated Ms Ongaya.
It was the statement “sending wrong signals to these men” that angered users”. who then bashed the blogger with vile comments making her to pull down the post and apologize.
Source: Nairobi News

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