Saturday, November 12, 2016

My take on The Lesbian sex tape scandal: Chidinma Okeke Was Greedy and desperate for the crown

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I feel really sorry for what happened to such a beautiful young lady. I feel more sorry for her family and what they are all going through at this challenging time. Ok, so, I refused to watch that video until today and after carefully seeing her in the act. My conclusion is that there was some manipulation. The lady wasn't herself at all. She enjoyed NOTHING and acted so naive and inexperienced. Her body language can make you cry and stand up for her if you have a soul.  It showed clearly that the young lady is not a lesbian and was in pain experiencing that act.The pressure she was in showed all over her face and body, it was obvious she wished the earth would open up and swallow her there. However, if greed wasn't involved, she would have backed out and saved herself this sorrow.

She has opened up that the Organizers of the pageant were behind all that blackmail and they have
come out to say that Chidinma was conned by criminals because of her greed ( whether she was conned by blackmailers or used or whatever, the bottom line for me is that greed for that crown made her (sell her soul) do it). If only she valued her body more than that "crown' she would have stood her ground and said "ok, if I have to perform this lesbian act to earn the crown, then to hell, I'm no longer interested"  That alone would have saved everyone all this embarrassment I guess.

Thank God for the "trong kanda" heart that we Africans have, these are the kinds of things that befall other people abroad and we hear suicide stories almost immediately. She'll come out of THIS, it will surely pass. When you want something so bad you are ready to do ANYTHING for that thing, just pinch yourself and think again.
May God help her overcome this trying period of her life, it's really messy and may those blackmailers never escape judgement. My heart weeps for her and family.

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