Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mum of 3 narrates how her husband slept with, impregnated and married her niece.

A husband that sleeps with your house helps might be a sex addict with high libido hormones raging 24/7. Leaving her niece alone with him at was a risk but, if you ask me, what would she have done? Some things are just unavoidable. She is working, needed someone to leave her kids with; Stories that touch! 

In a post shared by The Kenyan Post, a woman, Grace Maina from Nanyuki narrated how

she was left devastated after she caught her randy husband of six years on top of her neice.

Grace narrated the story on her Facebook account, and to rub salt on injury, the niece got pregnant and he married her. Read her post above.

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