Monday, November 07, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg has demanded that $1billion lawsuit filed by former porn star be thrown out

La'Tiejira, a 41-year-old biological female, accused  Zuckerberg and Facebook of libel and intentional infliction of emotional distressFacebook's Mark Zuckerberg has demanded that a $1billion lawsuit filed by former porn star Paree La'Tiejira, aka Lady Paree, be thrown out

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has demanded that a $1billion lawsuit be thrown out after a former porn star accused him of ruining her adult film career by allowing lies that she was born a man to be spread on the social media site.
Former porn star Paree La'Tiejira, aka Lady Paree, filed a suit against Facebook and its CEO earlier this year accusing them of libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress after she received what she claimed were numerous death threats on the site.
Zuckerberg filed documents in court on Monday denying the accusations, demanding the
suit be thrown out and asking for La'Tiejira to be ordered to pay his legal bills, according to court documents obtained by

The social media king claims that while La'Tiejira has accuses him and Facebook of failing to prevent people who use the website from posting defamatory statements, service providers like Facebook are not liable for user-generated content.
'Facebook Defendants have no duty to prevent or remove potentially harmful user-generated content, so it cannot be held liable by La'Tiejira,' he says.
The defamatory Facebook comments stemmed from a previous lawsuit, in which she accused another company published incorrect statements about her gender.
La'Tiejira - a 41-year-old biological female - sued Leisure Time Entertainment and a man named Mark C Carriere in Indiana court in 2009, accusing them of publishing false and defamatory statements claiming she was born with both male and female body parts.
Both of those defendants in the case were in the porn industry, with Carriere being known at one point as 'The King of Porn'.
La'Tiejira, who is currently unemployed, claimed that the statements caused her to be battered and assaulted by fans and has been at risk for violent interactions ever since.
At one point, she claims in court documents, an ex-fan slashed her with a knife, slicing her face open from her left temple to her lower chin on the left side, while declaring she used to be a man.
The incident left her with injuries that required 150 stitches and cosmetic surgery. She says she still has a scar that is visible on the left side of her face.

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