Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Man beats up and shoots girlfriend on the leg because he could not get his new TV to work

10 years jail for man who locked girlfriend in his room then shot her in an ice-fueled rage

A Melbourne ice addict who beat his girlfriend with a shotgun then shot her in the leg when he could not get his new television to work, has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars.
Paul Bazouni, 38, was high on ice and on bail for other crimes when he locked his girlfriend in his bedroom and bit her on the cheek, telling her it was the “kiss of death”.
On May 29, 2015, the woman was struck on the head with the gun, then shot in the leg, inside the bedroom where Bazouni lived in a flat at the back of his father's Northcote fruit shop.
The offender then dragged the woman out of the room and dumped the gun.

He accused the woman of changing the settings on his new television and stealing information from his father's business.
Bazouni was sentenced in the County Court of Victoria on Tuesday for intentionally causing injury, possessing a prohibited weapon and breaching his bail conditions.
In the days leading to the attack, the woman agreed to move back in with Bazouni, after he continued to harass her family to try and get in touch with the woman.
After arriving at his flat, Bazouni prevented her from leaving, and took away the woman's mobile phone.
Bazouni handed himself in following the attack after the 23-year-old woman was found bleeding from a gunshot wound and had facial injuries.
Paramedics found the victim around 4am in a bedroom of the flat at the rear of Joe's Organic Market in Northcote.
The woman underwent surgery in Royal Melbourne hospital as a result to the injuries, and remained hospitalised for more than two months after the attack, the Herald Sun reported.

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