Thursday, November 03, 2016

Dramatic moment baby girl is rescued from a 50°C Car after it automatically locks trapping her, car keys inside

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Never leave car keys inside when you are outside.
This is the dramatic moment firefighters saved a one-year-old girl from a car after it locked automatically and trapped her inside. 
  • Mother and daughter were visiting a leisure center when car locked suddenly trapping daughter and keys inside in temperatures of up to 50°C.

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    The mother, who has not been identified, and her daughter had traveled to a leisure centre in Sydney's west at 10.30am on Thursday when the accident took place.
    As the woman was making her way back to her car it locked with the keys inside, leaving her daughter trapped in temperatures of 50C.

     The panicked mother asked nearby workers if a mechanic could open the door, but that failed and then fire services were called in.

    Crews used heavy tarpaulins to keep sunlight away from the windows while they worked on opening the doors, 7 News reports.
    But after 15 minutes, when the locks refused to budge, they were forced to break the window in order to get the girl out.

     Footage captured the moment the relieved woman was reunited with her daughter, with tears streaming down her face.

    Adam Long, from Fire and Rescue NSW, said: 'The baby gave me a nice little smile, which was nice - but it was quite hot.
    'The parents need to keep the keys in their pockets at all times.'

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