Thursday, October 13, 2016

What are 'birthgasms'? Expert explains the science and misconceptions behind this 'neglected human right'

Orgasms during childbirth. Did you know that you can experience orgasms in the labour room? It's a human right.
Director of award-winning documentary 'Orgasmic Birth', Debra Pascali-Bonaro is a childbirth educator and doula trainer who has made birthgasms and having a pleasurable birth an area of expertise.
Debra, who has appeared on numerous programmes and publications, acknowledges there are misconceptions about the terms, as well as mistrust - and even distaste.
"There is a huge divide in our minds between birth and sexuality," she explains, "and
our cultural beliefs dictate a preoccupation with pain and fear."
As part of Debra's campaign for a more positive approach to labour and body-image, she talks to Mirror Online about her mission, the misconceptions around orgasmic births and, above all, empowering women.
Do you relate to any of these?

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