Monday, October 10, 2016

Surrogate mum confesses she unknowingly gave away her biological baby

Good Morning Britain
Britain's oldest surrogate mum confessed on Good Morning Britain she unknowingly gave away her biological child.
Carole Horlock, 50, explained that she and her husband were having sex when she was going through fertility treatment for one couple.
Although they were using protection, she fell pregnant with her partner's child.
However, because of the intense treatment she was receiving, they both assumed that the baby couldn't possibly belong to them.
In fact, she had no idea until the newborn was six weeks old when its parents had taken it for a check-up.
After discovering the truth, she never attempted to take back the child and bring it up herself.

"When we found out, it slightly changed our minds - but not a lot," she explained. "We had decided we didn't want anymore children and we hadn't planned for another.
"As far as I was concerned, it was their baby. The only thing that changed really was knowledge. For me, the couple were still the baby's real parents."
Carole is currently receiving more IVF treatment and is hoping to fall pregnant with her 14th donor baby - against the advice of doctors because of her age.
However, she insisted she does not think she is at risk. "I was last pregnant just three years ago and it was all fine," she said. "I'll be fine. If I was worried at all then I wouldn't do it. But this will be last time."

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