Sunday, October 16, 2016

My husband is begging to watch another man sleep with me, he used to be jealous before this sudden change. I need advice

Hi Aunty Eya, Am in my late twenties, married with 2 kids.
 My hubby want me to sleep around
I can't discuss this with my siblings
 He say it's turns him on. Am a Christian I can't do it.
 Pls I  need your advice
He want me to go out and look for and he want to also watch another man sleep with me

He was not like this before.he was the jealous type all of a sudden he just changed. I thought he was setting a trap for me.he will give guys my number to call me but I turn them down immediately I notice they are asking for a relationship.  I need honest advice please.


  1. Enter your comment...Is it hia in Nijja?if yes,den u nid fervent&vigorous fasting&prayer as his attitude doesnt say well.Gracie.

  2. Like I told you poster. I suspect he is watching porn and wants to get that high physically, but here is Africa, later he can use it against you. I hope he is not trying to dehumanize you. He knows your body first of all belongs to God before him, why try to treat you as if you are an object? He needs those pornography scales removed from his eyes o.

    1. I agree with you. He's obviously addicted to pornography and needs help! Poster, Never as in, Never you condescend to that primal level he wants you to go, you will never be yourself if you do. He needs help and prayers, not you doing his biding!
      Stay strong and stand your ground; resist the devil and ask Satan to go behind you and your home loudly in his presence whenever he comes up with those devilish, kinky suggestions.

  3. Dear poster, please share with an anointed man of God who can stand with you in this. You can't fight this alone. It may be deeply spiritual. May God give you grace.

  4. This is spiritual. Pornograhy addiction requires spiritual deliverance. Please, don't do it and seek spiritual counsel. May God raise help for you in this your time of need.

  5. U know as the christain u proclaim to b that it is an abormination before ur maker. Tell him CAPITAL NO. Go to God in prayer and He will fight the battle for you u.

  6. Pls house,I need ur opinions I started my period last Sunday n finished on Tuesday. Had unprotected sex wt fiancé ystday being Sunday(one week after I saw my period). Am I safe or I need to use prevention?

  7. Thank God for all the comments from these women. Poster NEVER EVER DO THIS No matter what. He will be the same person to despise you. Remember David's daughter Tamar? Her own brother said he was sick in love with her. He devised a scheme' raped her and the Bible says afterwards he despised her.
    He will despise you afterwards. You yourself will never be the same. Rebuke him and as a matter of fact report him to a trusted friend. Such secret evil behavior in indulging in porn must be exposed. The devil loves to keep things in darkness. Expose it! so that it does not wrap its own evil hands around you and disturb your own peace...Be strong and fight this one in the face. Tell him point blank that you now know what he does in darkness. Let him know you will not stand for that nonsense. This will cause you to be accursed!

  8. Please Poster REPORT HIM!!!! After all we are all human. To go as far as giving strange people numbers??? So what if you catch disease or they harm you. At that point wont people get to know? Report him! What if he sets a trap for you and locks you in a room with a naked high man??? Please oooo say something and save your life!!! So he can be rebuked and people can check on you when they dont hear from!!!!


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