Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mum who would have aborted daughter if she'd known she was disabled is now suing NHS

Amanda McGuinn
A mother who admits she would have aborted her child if she had known she was disabled is now suing the NHS for "wrongful birth."
Amanda McGuinn, 38, and her husband Paul say NHS doctors were negligent for not picking up on "abnormalities" in their unborn child Matilda that should have alerted them to her condition.
And the couple say they would have "elected to terminate the pregnancy" had they been made aware of the "risks of the baby being born with serious handicap."
Matilda - who is now 8 - was born in August 2008 at Lewisham Hospital and although she is a much-loved child her parents say the NHS should pay for the extra expense of
bringing up a severely disabled child.
But the couple, from Lee, South London, were heartbroken when it was discovered that their newborn was "profoundly physically and cognitively disabled".

And they are now suing Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust for massive damages in a "wrongful birth" case at London's High Court.
Lawyers for the couple, who run their own construction company, argue that should include the costs of the round the clock care she will need for life.

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