Monday, October 24, 2016

Missing 13-year old boy found tied up in his mother's friend's house (See Photos)

Be careful people, trust no one for the days are evil. Only in Jehovah God should we trust. The closest to you is the one that knows where and how to betray you. God will always protect his own because even the hair on our head is counted by him. May all frenemies continue to face shame.

A woman has been arrested after local vigilante group in Ikorodu, Onyabo caught her for allegedly kidnapping a teenager who had been missing for three days.
The boy was found with his mouth and hands tied in the woman’s apartment. According to

InsideMainland, the woman was a friend to the victim’s mother. The suspect, who is a resident of Babalola Aroyewun Street, Igbogbo, was apprehended on Saturday, October 22.

According to a resident who preferred anonymity, she said that “the boy usually comes to the compound to assist her mother’s friend to fetch water and do other chores. He is a friendly boy who goes about his activities with smiles all over his face. He was declared missing for three days and the case was reported at the Igbogbo Police Station and the Onyabo vigilante group.”

The suspect was however arrested on Saturday morning when her neighbours overheard strange voices coming from her flat.

The neighbours ran a check but found an empty flat with nothing in it. However, the strange voices continued and a call was placed to the suspect who was away from the house at that point.

She, however, denied knowledge of the happenings in her flat. The neighbours informed the Police when some strangers were seen around her flat.
The security team rushed to the scene and eventually found the boy with his hands and mouth tied in her flat.


  1. May God continue to protect you and every member of our family, and bring to disgrace everyone that smiles with you and goes behind your back to plot evil. May every Haman enjoy his own gallow and may every unfriendly friend be exposed by fire.

  2. If you say this woman is your friend, and then tie her child like that for day? You were NEVER friends. She just couldn't sense beyond these 2 eyes. Of all people, a boy that comes to help you out with chores? May the wicked never go unpunished.

  3. Just imagine,but what could be her intention? may God have mercy and continually shield us from all unfriendly friends..

  4. What a wicked woman! Only God knows what she has been up to.

  5. Rituals I believe but God exposed her. Boy never forget your God as long as u live for he alone saved u


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