Sunday, October 23, 2016

Laura Ikeji confided in a friend that Linda Ikeji has no Uterus - According to Kemi Olunloyo

Whatever did Linda Ikeji do to Journalist Kemi that cannot be forgiven? These negative vibes and talks about Linda are never ending and maybe some of you guys know why. I wish I know. Pray she finds it in her heart to forgive Linda and move on because we can never really be happy if we do not forgive others their wrongs.

Read her tweets below.

Sorry, No, I can't and won't post them here. I feel really bad about this even though in my heart I know it's not true. Which sister will confide about such? NONE. I also pray that these talks don't push Linda to go have a child out of wedlock just to prove a point. God makes everything beautiful in HIS TIME and when that time comes, it will seem like a dream.

We all know that Linda (LIB) has hurt a lot of people, not by what she said but the comments on the blog. People used to feel very bad about those comments just because she has the power to take them down ok, what about Instagram? What about Facebook and other social networking sites? where even you the account owner is unable to take down harsh comments. Who blames Mark Zuckerberg for harsh comments left on their timeline that they cannot delete?

We all learn everyday and can testify that even Linda has learnt a lot and is still learning. There are times you scroll down to read comments on her blog and see that some have been removed by an Admin. She is growing and getting better. The comments on LIB are no longer as harsh as they used to be and that doesn't mean that readers are not leaving bad comments, they are, but she is working behind the scenes, moderating.

Linda Ikeji's hard work inspires me so much. I think she works too hard for any young lady I know and trust me, there are nights she never closed her eyelids to sleep/rest just to keep the News running. I wish I can beg on her behalf, I'm ready to even go on my knees begging Lady Kemi to please forgive whatever and forget because life is too short and we have all sinned before God. There is no perfect person who has never hurt another.


  1. I don't see any tweets o. I don't know about whatever Kemi has against Linda or if she does but what if Laura actually said it. Why would the Kemi make up a thing like that?

  2. Linda is already used to these kind of bad belle talk.

    1. Abi oh...Haters will always hate!


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