Wednesday, October 26, 2016


An insecure woman who is in the habit of chasing away her hubby's female friends met a woman who wasn't moved by her tactics, and to make it more shocking, when they moved the drama to Facebook, the husband's response to her enquiry was totally unbelievable. Read below
Women, women please, in as much as we are protecting our husbands let's do that maturely, coming to social media to fight young ladies whom we know dem no get shame can be nasty.

I was on a friend's wall some minutes ago, it's his birthday , so he posted his pictures and people were wishing him happy birthday, a young lady commented "happy birthday sweetheart".

 The man's wife said, underneath the ladies comments. "What the heck was that on my husbands pictures?"

 I even thought the young lady will maturedly apologize and she said, take your stupidity somewhere else, I would have thrown you outside if I want, oh boy! I took a chill pill.

The wife tagged the husband saying, honey what is the meaning of this?

He responded she is your fellow woman, take out your frustration on her, do you think she is like other women you do scare away, if you think I will caution anybody this time then you must be joking?

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I gave up honestly, the husbands response gave me a heart attack! What?

What do you think this wife was supposed to do about her insecurities?
Can we discuss?


  1. Wrong wrong wrong. You do not call someone's husband sweetheart on social media especially when you don't know the wife knowing she is on his friends list too. It is maybe the husband the issue of his wife chasing away his female friends and she decided to write that. If a man wrote sweetheart on a married woman's wall people would have come out cursing her out. I do not believe in washing dirty linen outside but each to their own.

  2. Well. It's good for the woman. At least now she knows where her husband stands. She should start planning for herself financially. She is on her own. It's just a matter of time.


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