Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Important Blog Update For Mobile Readers

There is some good News for mobile readers. You can now see almost everything on the blog with your mobile phone. There's some more content to enjoy. For those who have been asking how they can get notifications when there is a new post on the blog, it's now easy. 

  1.  Looking at the image above, it shows "Trending posts" also known as popular posts on the blog, if you want to see what posts are trending, just scroll right down, click on any link and follow others enjoy what's trending o. It's right down, keep scrolling till you see it.
  2.  To get notifications when a new post is published, scroll past the "Trending post" you'll see a box (Follow By Email). Don't worry, it's free. Type your Email in that space and Click on
    SUBMIT. A small box will appear with words you need to copy to verify your subscription. Copy those words and click on VERIFY. It's done. You will receive a mail and that's all. Every new post will appear in your mail box from now on.  There is a second subscription box under that one with the title SUBSCRIBE FREE, you can also click there and subscribe to start receiving blog updates as soon as they are posted

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