Monday, October 17, 2016

I need a 10 year old live-in househelp that we will sponsor in Secondary School

Dear Aunt  Eya,
Please I need help and I'm a bit ashamed to admit this to my friends, co-workers church members and neighbours, hence my resorting to your blog, which I read fervently.
I have two young children below 4 years old and I need a live-in maid. She should be female and born between 1/1/2006 and 31/12/2006. I will pay her a monthly salary in her first year with me. From her second year with me,  i will send her to secondary school in Festac Town Lagos (where i live) and still pay her the agreed salary. My husband and I will feed her, clothe her and nurture her like our own. It is important to us that this 10 year old girl currently lives and was born outside Lagos state. When she has graduated from secondary school at age 16, we will return her to her family and show our gratitude for the gift of their daughter.
My phone number is 08183625414 and my name is Nneka. I am really hoping you can connect me to readers that can help me.
Thank you so much.


  1. Dear Nneka, to call you evil and wicked is a compliment. You want a 10 YEAR OLD MAID. And you call yourself a mother!For shame.In fact i suspect your intentions, you have the nerve to specify a date of birth for the said victim. Are you trying to use this child for rituals? Fear GOD. Please carry your shameless self and look for an adult maid or bring your sister from the village to come and help you. Wicked woman

  2. My thought as well.evil heartless woman

  3. No wonder you are ashamed to ask people around you,what work can a 10yr old do??fear God oooo

  4. Hypocrite comments! Some of you here do worse things . She has come out to make her good intentions known and you people are still bashing her Hypocrites!!! It's commentors like this that will kill their maid for stealing meat.Mtschewwww


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