Thursday, October 06, 2016

I Have Been Trying To Conceive

Good afternoon Nigerian wives connection ,pls hide my identity and PS post . I'd like all the mother's in this forum to please pray for my family that the good Lord should bless my family with the fruit of the womb . I got married early last year I have been trying to conceive ,have
done all medical test with my hubby mine is okay but hubby sperm count motility is low and he is been placed on drugs pls mother advice me on what we can add to it to boost and prayer for both us to conceive this year and all TTC.


  1. Hubby should not be anxious (worry) cos the devil is glorious when we become apprehensive, especially as it relates to promises that God has given us.
    The 1st thing you need to understand and believe is that God wants you to have children and He is the giver. Nothing is impossible with Him but we can close the door when fear consistently creep in.
    The 2nd thing is that medical treatment could be part of the entire process and works better when you stay focused on God.
    This month (October) is the month of double grace and I believe all shall be well & junior is coming forth in June 2017, ni oruko Jesu!

  2. My dear, you will conceive by the grace of God. Advice your husband to take his drugs very well and pray harder. God will surprise you when you least expect.

  3. U will be fine my dear....remove ur mind from it,enjoy sex nd allow Jesus do His miracle...u have placed ur worries in His hand,trust Him.moreso u re even newlywed so chill nd enjoy each oda bcos trust me wen d kids start coming u will beg for alone time with ur hubby...Jesus is still doing miracles!!


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