Thursday, October 13, 2016

Healthy bride developed heart attack and died on honeymoon after eating fish

Chris Fensome

A tragic new bride died on her honeymoon just 10 days after her wedding - after suffering a heart attack brought on 'by eating FISH'.
Read via The Mirror:
Christine Fensome was celebrating her nuptials on a luxury trip Mexico with her new husband when she fell ill on September 27.
On the night before she died the 54-year-old was said to have eaten fish with high levels of mercury - which may have caused her organs to shut down.
After leaving the restaurant the newlyweds went back to the hotel, but Chris woke up
with "terrible sickness and diarrhoea with funny sounds coming from her throat".
As Chris went to have a shower, Andy called a hotel porter who summoned a doctor.
Her condition deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital - but died 10 minutes after arriving.
Christine's mum Sybil, 79, from Hereford, said her daughter died 10 minutes after arriving at a Mexican hospital when she fell ill from eating fish at a restaurant.
She said: "They had gone out to a restaurant for a meal before they went and watched a show and Chris had fish, but I don't know what sort.
"She made it to the show and they had a nice evening by all accounts before going back to the hotel.
"They were going on a day trip the next day and Chris managed to pack a rucksack ready for morning as she always likes to pack everything but the kitchen sink.
"Andy told us it was a heart attack that might have been caused by the fish she ate the night before, because it had high levels of mercury which apparently can be fatal

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