Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Find Local Child Care Jobs At is Nigeria’s first childcare search platform. A new online community where childcare providers and professionals such as nurseries/crèches, preschool, after school care providers, nannies, childminders, play centres, playgroups etc., can engage directly with parents who are looking for these services. Our aim is to transform how parent’s access childcare and how childcare professionals and businesses are matched with the right parents.
Quality childcare will always be in high demand. Which means that as a childcare provider (i.e. Nursery, Crèche, Preschool, Daycare, Kindergarten, Nanny, etc.), having a public profile on means you will be better placed for parents in search of your services to find you easily in this highly competitive industry.

ChildMinder Recruit is our niche job board exclusively for early years staff recruitment.  It is for Nurseries, Crèches, Daycares, Kindergartens & Preschools to advertise their vacancies for Nursery Teacher jobs, Crèche Teacher jobs, Early Years Teacher jobs, Preschool Teacher jobs, Nursery manager jobs, Nursery Assistant, Minders etc.
We understand the need childcare establishments have to recruit the right person to join their team. Our niche job board exclusively for Early Years staff ensures that your job ads reaches the intended audience easily and your vacancy is filled quickly. Saving you time and money.
To get in contact with us search CHILDMINDER NG on google or visit our website  

Follow us on social media @childminderng to get updates on our services.

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